Here’s a little more about how we helpedGood BDeeds

Creating and nurturing positive morale within the workplace through a strong company culture is paramount to our leadership with the goal of facilitating social interaction, collaboration, and open communication. At Builders Design, we encourage a giving and peer-helper environment by recognizing hard work and teamwork that leads to amazing results. We developed an internal program we call GoodBDeeds meant to encourage our staff to participate in good deeds at the smallest level and for our company to participate in good deeds at bigger levels toward charitable and humanitarian efforts.

On a regular basis, our staff are involved in uplifting experiences including mission work at home and abroad, helping individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic abuse, or living without the essentials of life, and saving abandoned dogs from build sites.

In addition, our company leaders seek out ways to help others on a large scale. Joe and Jon share a great passion, and that is the respect for the men and women of our courageous military! They sacrifice so much, and quite frequently are left to fend for themselves upon returning home...often with minor to severe injuries. In 2020, Builders Design was honored to team up with our valued partners; Holiday Builders and Homes for Heroes to build, design and furnish a gorgeous, mortgage-free home for wounded veteran, SFC John Goudie, his wife and three children, and in 2021 Builders Design teamed up with Mattamy Homes & Helping a Hero to build a new home for retired Marine Sgt. Chris Fleming and his family.

Remember to thank a Veteran when you see them!

Retired Marine Sgt. Chris Fleming and his familyHelping a Hero

We are honored to announce that our firm has partnered with Mattamy Homes & Helping a Hero to build a new home for retired Marine Sgt. Chris Fleming and his family. Fleming served in the US Marine Corp from 2000 to 2008. His company served on Task Force Tarawa, the name given to the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, responsible for securing the city of An Nasiriya...Also known as Ambush Alley. While Fleming was working with the Department of Defense and training local Afghans, he lost both of his legs after an improvised explosive device detonated. His new home has been specially designed with adaptations to provide Sgt. Chris Fleming with ease and accessibility in everyday home life. Something he has not had up until this point. Builders Design has made a large contribution to funding the design and furnishing of the Fleming Family’s new home. And through additional donations from our BD team and friends on Social Media, we were able to design and furnish the entire home before the gifting ceremony to make this experience as special as possible.

Wounded veteran, SFC John Goudie, his wife and three childrenHoliday Builders

Our long-time exclusive partner and great friends, Holiday Builders built and donated a home for Wounded Warrior, SFC John Goudie, his wife and three children. BD was involved in the design and installation of the Goudie Home interiors in a very similar way that we would for a model home.

Holiday Builders and BD donated all the furniture, accessories, artwork window treatments and trim treatments. The home was delivered in August 2020. BD team members Lesley, Dea, Marnée and Brooke worked closely with Holiday Builders and Mrs. Goudie, who is an outstanding example of strength, as she not only manages her husband’s injuries, and is raising their children, two of whom are autistic. Amazing!!

To say they are THRILLED in their home is an understatement. They have barely changed a thing since we left back in September. The kids LOVE their rooms and those safe spaces for them to play gives Mom and Dad a little break to enjoy a bit of quiet time. It was great for our souls to see a family so humbled by the work our team did for them. All the while, we are so humbled by the sacrifices their family has made for all of us.